Johnny Latebloom

makes music and art on the borderline of traditional songwriting, noise, creative writing, sound design, ambient, electronica, musique concrète, spacial sounds and installation arts…

he works with music, light, video, words and paint

he is a recording artist, multi instrumentalist, creative writer, light designer…

he plays for and with
– Digger Barnes
– Pencil Quincy
– Alain Croubalian (Dead Brothers)
– The Sunjays
– LLights
– Philipp Hochmair
– various people from the pop/music/entertainment industry…

– he currently works at Schauspielhaus Hamburg as keyboardist for LAZARUS by David Bowie and Enda   Walsh, directed by Falk Richter…

he created sound designs for
The Diamond Roadshow
– The Diamond Motel
– Jedermann (Thalia Theater)
– Jedermann Reloaded

– Lazarus (Schauspielhaus)
– various theatre shows…

he plays
– piano
– keys
– mellotron
– sampler
– electric bass
– double bass
– guitar
– harmonica
– Ableton Life
– mixing desks
– lighting desks
– video desks
– effect machines

he studied songwriting, musicology, creative writing and recording arts

he holds
– a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Recording Arts (first class honours)
– a Master Certificate in Songwriting

– he is currently enrolled in a Masters Degree in Expressive Arts

he is the co-founder of
Acid Cat Records

he also works as a
– sound lecturer and instructor
– sound researcher